Summer Session 2019 is under way. 

This session there is a $37,250 purse!

Summer Session Playoff Prize Money:

The top 20% of all Summer session teams will receive prize money plus a chance to playoff again at the end of the year for the UBL Grand Finals for the $100,000 1st Prize! 


Playoffs determine the amount awarded this session.
Prize money is allocated as follows:

1st Place: A $5,000 Golden Ticket directly into the UBL Grand Finals +an additional  $2,500 
2nd Place: $4,000
3rd Place: $2,500
4th Place: $1,500
5th Place: $1,250
6th-10th: $1,000
11th-30th: $500
31st-40th: $300
41st-50th: $250

**Payouts based on a completed field of 250 teams.

Grand Finals Prize Fund

                                  Team Purse

​First Place                  $100,000

Second                        $40,000

Third                           $20,000

Fourth                         $15,000

Fifth                            $10,000

Sixth                            $10,000

Seventh  - Sixteen     $5,000

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