Handicap System:

How the handicap works    

  The idea behind the handicap system is to have all players consistently run tables like pros do. The only way to do this is have players move the cue ball by hand and set up easy shots during their inning at the table. The less skilled you are the more times you can do this per game. The better skilled you are the less times you can do this per game. This makes the game fair for above or below average players and gives all players a chance to run the table.


 Each team has 5 players. Each player plays 1 match a race to 4 games. ( 4 out of 7 like the world series in baseball )

Total 5 matches per night. The score of each match does not matter, only who wins or loses each match.

Points are awarded to teams as follows:


  •   5  match wins per team = 7.75 points

  •   4 match wins per team = 6.25 points

  •   3 match wins per team = 5.25 points

  •   2 match wins per team = 4.25 points

  •   1 match win per team  =  3.25 points

  •   0 match wins per team = 2.25 points

We modify the point system for the first 6 weeks so strong teams don’t have an advantage.

We take the top 20% of all teams playing  in the league to go to the qualifying rounds where teams win big money three times a year 16 weeks long. Then all the qualifying teams play off for the end of the year event for the largest prize money. So the idea would be to win as many matches as possible to get the most points per team to qualify.



 However the more a player on each team wins matches the more their handicap goes down. Making it tougher to win matches. On the other hand the more a player loses matches their handicap goes up, making it easier to win matches. ( When handicap goes up they get more ball in hands per game. When their handicap goes down they get less ball in hands per game. )



  The United Billiard Leagues has the best handicap system that can’t be manipulated and is giving away the biggest prize money. The system is set up so everyone has a fair chance to win.

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